Getting Divorced in Surrey

Why Do You Need A Solicitor?

looking to divorce?If you are in the process of separation or you want a divorce, it would be a wise decision to consider the services that a solicitor can offer you.

Even when you are attempting to agree on a separation agreement that is informal between yourself and your partner, you will both still require a solicitor.

A solicitor in Surrey will help you to examine the details to ensure you are both protected and that this agreement is in fact legally sound.

You would probably want to avoid having to go through this again if you are later challenged on this agreement in a court of law.

What Are The Uses Of Separation Agreements?

A separation agreement will set out aspects that have been agreed on by both parties in order for you and your spouse to recognise each of your responsibilities and duties.

If you do decide on a divorce later on, the agreement usually under standard circumstances forms a foundation in association to the settlement of your divorce.

This is the reason as to why professional legal advice happens to be so important.

Unless you happen to be extremely organised and your case happens to be straightforward, you will still require a minimum of a preliminary consultation that you can obtain from a solicitor in family-law such as Herrington & Carmichael of Surrey. This consultation can be regarded as a type of investment as well as a method to avoid issues into the future.

Even when things may appear to be amicable currently, you should still touch-base with a reputable solicitor.

Every day, the Divorce Team handles issues that could be avoided if a solicitor experienced in family law had been used.

Family solicitors are the only professionals that have the necessary qualifications to give you advice on your specific legal situation along with important advice on your children and finances.

Your particular situation may be unique, but there are often a variety of problems which are common with other situations.

You may be offered good advice from family and friends, but the sole advice that you should be interested in is from a solicitor who has the facts about your specific case.

What About The Internet Divorces?

The Internet is often a great source to obtain specific information but be careful of the websites that charge for a “document package.”

All of the divorce documents are free from local courts or they can be downloaded for free from Court Service websites.

These documents all come with precise and clear instructions on how to complete them, but you are advised to still consult with a family solicitor before you submit your forms. Keep in mind that these documents can be completed online, but not the actual divorce. These documents will still go through a court procedure.

Court OrderThe Timing And Wording Of Court Documents Are Important

A court order in regards to transfer of properties and lump sums can typically not be changed once decided on.

This is also applicable for orders that are made based on agreements and those that have been decided by a Court.

This is the reason that it is vital to consider your needs into the future and make sure you are using professional advice well before you have committed to any of these agreements.

If the timing is wrong, you may lose all of your rights to specific financial orders.

How To Find A Family Law Solicitor

There are various specialities offered by solicitor, but you really need a family lawyer for a separation or divorce.

These practicing solicitors deal solely with family law every single day. They are experienced in the intricacies of this legal speciality and are able to apply their unique and specific knowledge.

You can find a solicitor through any directory of recommended Divorce Solicitors.