The Importance of Prostate Health

prostate healthThere’s no question that prostate health is an extremely important concern for men, especially those hitting middle age or older. While there are many different health issues that get more attention, for men they truly need to pay more attention to prostate health issues since this is a critical part of male health. It’s much more important than general attention or the news media tends to give it.

Many men are hesitant when it comes to dealing with prostate health. One national survey indicates that up to 46% of all men don’t think about prostate concerns. They might worry about their heart, or sometimes a different type of cancer, or something else entirely which just isn’t as likely to hurt them. That’s a problem because taking care of prostate health early makes a huge difference in length and quality of life.

This is especially true for males in their 30’s who are approaching their 40’s. Even if prostate exams weren’t important early on, it’s time to understand that you need to watch out for the overall health of your body.

diet for prostate healthTip #1: Watch That Diet!
Most medical specialists truly believe that diet is a major part in how the prostate gland ages, and even if that was a minor detail there is no question that a great diet that includes green vegetables, fiber, fruit, and less non-fruit sugar will help your overall health in many different ways. Western diet seems to correlate with higher instances of prostate health issues.

There are many different types of foods and herbs that have a reputation for helping to create the right in-body environment for a healthy prostate, and just a very short list of those include:
– Soybeans
– Avocados
– Wheatgrass
– Pumpkin seeds & more

These foods contain important nutrients by the name of beta sitosterol, which is a phytosterol that is found primarily in plants. That means foods with these nutrients are critical in supporting the body and a healthy aging process, including that of the prostate, in addition to also promoting an overall healthy urinary flow. You can learn more about beta sitosterol at

Tip #2: Make Sure To Practice Weight Management
The research is clear. Men who are overweight have more issues not only with their general health but also with the health of their prostate. Being overweight is a serious issue, while being a healthy weight can be a positive difference maker. Do whatever it takes to get down to a healthy weight and keeping it there!

kegel exercises for menTip #3: Regular Exercise Matters A Lot
This is a no-brainer in general, but healthy circulation seems to be a major factor in the overall fitness of a person’s prostate health and that means getting in that strength building and cardio. It pays off in every single way, but if you want exercises that target the prostate, it’s worth looking up the benefit that Kegel exercises have in increasing muscle tone around the prostate gland, which helps circulation and that overall health we’ve been talking about.

Tip #5 Get Regular Prostate Exams
This should be self-explanatory. An annual exam is recommended, especially for men above 50, but at any time if you feel uncomfortable in that area, it’s time to make an immediate appointment to make sure it’s not serious – or catch the problem early if it is.

Tip #6 Use The Right Supplements
Prostate supplements that specifically focus on Beta Sitosterol as an ingredient make a huge difference when it comes to overall prostate health. Make them a part of your vitamin and supplement regiment!