SEO Strategies and Techniques

SEO companiesSearch engine optimisation, usually referred to as SEO for convenience, is the process that enables websites to appear higher in the search engine results pages when online users look for information about products or services instead of company or brand names. The idea is to expose websites to the target audience even if they do not have prior knowledge about the existence of the business or its products or services.

There’s a multitude of different techniques and strategies involved in SEO, but the most sustainable methods (also called “white hat SEO”) revolved around the idea of optimising websites to make it easier for search engine crawlers to understand what the pages are all about, increasing the chances of ranking prominently in the search listings for relevant search terms.

It is commonplace to outsource various SEO tasks to third party marketing companies, but there are plenty out there that are only after the money of prospective clients, particularly local and small business owners. If this is the case, how can you determine whether the search engine marketer you plan on working with is honest, legitimate and dependable?

It’s worthy to note that finding a reputable SEO agency online isn’t that difficult. Just head over to your favorite search engine such as Google or Bing and enter the term “SEO agency”. Never mind the paid ads that appear on top of the listings. Take a look at the organic listings and check out those ranking on top. They must know what they’re doing since they are ranking very high for the most relevant keyword to their business.

hire a seo agencyTo narrow down your list of choices, you can add useful words to your search term. For instance, if you live in Leicestershire¬†then you can type “SEO agency Leicester” and you may come across webpages such as If you’re looking for a specialised service for your website or industry, then you can type “SEO ecommerce” or “SEO tourism,” for example. This is an excellent way of finding SEO agencies that provide specialised services in your field.

It’s common practice for SEO agencies to send out promotional emails or newsletters that contain enticing offers. If you receive such an email, then you’ll probably do well by avoiding that company. That’s an indication that the company resorts to other tactics such as spamming inboxes to attract new clients instead of using SEO on their website to improve their organic rankings and generate more targeted traffic. The same can be said for SEO companies that only appear on paid ads on top of the search listings or banner ads you see when browsing the web. If they have high quality search engine marketing services, then they shouldn’t be spending a great deal of money for these ads.

SERPS-november2011-changesAnother essential thing to remember is to avoid any SEO firm that guarantees top position for your given keyword or any similar claim. All search engines utilise personalised searching, which means everyone see the results pages differently depending on their past usage history. A company that promises to help you reach the number one position within a given amount of time simply lies to your face in an attempt to get new business. Modern SEO techniques must also make use of “white hat” tactics in order to drive laser-targeted traffic to your website over the long term. Any shady strategies must be avoided, or you risk having your website penalized by the different algorithms of Google such as Panda and Penguin.

After doing your research and finding a credible SEO company, you must ask them key questions before you sign on the dotted line. Aside from reading online reviews, it’s also recommended to ask for references and speak to a past client regarding the quality of SEO services he received from the company.